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If you are reading this, then you are anticipating the future!  Almost all the Nobel Prize winners are bilingual.  The best school in the County for your children is Irvine International Academy!


  • Chinese uses the one side of the brain and English the other, tremendous interface.

  • The top two economies in the world are America and China – world’ future in science, economy, and politics.

  • LAX to China is the most traveled air-corridor in the world, exceeding NY to London.

  • MIT research reported, “It is nearly impossible to achieve proficiency… of a native speaker unless you start by 10.”


Due to the way children are able to acquire language implicitly at a young age, foreign language fluency can be imparted as a matter of routine, as part of learning in a language immersion program. Mandarin is used as the medium or tool to deliver the curriculum, without adding significant cost or time. The School is eager to train students who will be biliterate and bilingual in Southern California.


The Founding Team, spent time meeting with local families, Chinese educators, and community leaders to understand the need for a Mandarin and English school. Our Founding Team is comprised of members from a variety of disciplines, including education, school administration, business, technology, legal, commercial real estate, and finance, who believe in the need for additional economic options in S. California.  


From China, Dr. Lu, Principal of Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School (one of the top schools of China) and Duan Xiao Li, China’s 2017, Elementary Principal of the Year are consulting with us.


Michael Martinez Scott, Ph.D.
Head of School


Our Philosophy

Many skills truly mastered as an adult begin with training in early childhood. This is evident when we consider elite athletes, musicians, chess players, etc. Language skills also fall in this category. In fact, there is a critical period for implicit language acquisition that begins to close in early childhood, and that window is only open once in a lifetime.

Our History

Dr. Lu (far right) was a professor at Beijing Normal University and now is the principal of Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary and leads 31 other schools.  Dr. Scott and Dr. Lu have met several times during Scott’s 5 professional development trips to China.  Dr. Lu visited Dr. Scott in California and together they discussed starting a free, public school to teach Mandarin (Chinese). 

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