Irvine International Academy (IIA) Partnership with China's Principal of the Year

Posted December 7, 2018


Principal Duan Xiao Li was chosen as China’s 2017 Principal of the Year.  Dr. Scott has presented to teachers there for seven years and now Longjiang Branch Primary School and Irvine International Academy (sponsored by WMICS) are joining as partner schools.  Her school has a similar relationship with Dane Royd School in England, Wakefield.  This led to a visit from England’s Prime Minister David Cameron to Principal Duan’s Chengdu school. "During the times when I am considering a decision for our school, I often reflect back on the professional development of Mr. Zhuang (IIA board member) and Dr. Scott," wrote Principal Duan.


Dr. Scott Meets the Man Who Discovered the 8th Wonder of the World

Posted December 1, 2018


Dr. Scott visited Xi' ang and the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum.  Known as the 8th wonder of the world,  these thousands of life-size clay figures all have unique faces and were created 2,300 years ago.  The original farmer who discovered them, while digging a well, is the last survivor and signed the book I will display in my office at Irvine International Academy. 

Picture Lauryn.png
Lauryn speaks Mandarin, English, and Spanish.  She speaks to 78% of the World!

Posted December 24, 2018

Nine year-old Lauryn speaks three languages.  Her parents' initiative have given her a competitve advantage for college entrance and any business opportunities.   

Press on the picture to hear her words.


Top Schools of China Presentation

Posted December 2, 2018


Dr. Scott presented the One-to-One Classroom™ to students at Xi’an Yi Lin School with Principal Luo Hu (family name goes first, then given name second).   The student’s engagement response was tremendous and the principals from the 5 other associated schools are looking toward our return.  Principal Luo’s school was chosen as a select, model program that China will be looking to find the top teachers of China.

Southwest Minzu University Invites Dr. Scott on Staff as Lecturer

Posted December 5, 2018


Dean Yunqi Zhang invited Dr. Scott to join the faculity and work with the School of Early Childhood Development.  Together, Southwest Minzu University and Dr. Scott will develop pre-school and Kindergarten curriculum relative to Chinese and American Mandarin instruction.


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Mandarin and English use different parts of the brain.  The findings emphasise the importance of developing a bilateral network between the two brain hemispheres to speak and understand languages, particularly for tonal languages like Mandarin Chinese.  

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